Oil on Canvas

City Awaken
City Awaken

oil on canvas, 72 x 192 inches (182 x 487 cm)


I have been making oil paintings since 1965. I enjoy oil on canvas for thick textures and thin transparency. The images are symbols surrounded by radiating light .

Through my recent images—floor plans of cathedral against universe—I tried to present the space of earth and sky together like a bird’s eye view.

Here we live between man made geometry vs. the organic form of universe, human culture vs. God’s culture, mortal vs. eternity.

Light is significant in my painting, I used to express the light and shadow of California sunlight. After my trip to India, I discovered light coming out of the object, not from an outside source such as sunlight, it was from the inner light. The smearing light vaporizing was done by pouring turpentine over canvas on the floor and letting accidents happen.